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nail service accessories

Accessories for nail service include the following: lint-free wipes by TM Doily and TM PANNI MLADA pedicure dividers by TM Doily Nail service wipes are used to remove the sticky layer or other accessory substances. Wipes do not separate into layers and do not shed lint on the nails. Pedicure dividers are used by specialists…
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hair care accessories

Accessories for hairdressers include the following TM PANNI MLADA products: aluminum foil thermal tape for hair coloring face masks for hairdressers strips and tape for hair highlighting dressing cloth for hair coloring neckwear for hairdressers (paper, spanlace) peignoirs for hairdressing
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Facial care

Facial care accessories include the following TM Doily products: cosmetology mask wipes made of spunlace and polyethylene eyelid sponge wipes
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