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Nitrile gloves

The assortment line of nitrile gloves of the TM Polix PRO&MED brand includes medical gloves in 7 colors: SKY BLUE PURPLE BLUE ICE BLUE GREEN MINT PINK BLACK Extra Safe BLACK The gloves have a textured texture at the fingertips and over the entire surface of the gloves (Extra Safe Black series).
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Latex gloves

Smooth powdered latex gloves by the TM Polix PRO & MED brand are made of natural rubber, and are ideal for types of work with high sensitivity required. Area of application: medical facilities, dentistry Color range: WHITE
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HDPE gloves

HDPE (polyethylene) gloves provide hygiene and hand protection. These gloves are widely used by professionals in various fields, such as medical facilities, catering, cleaning organizations, beauty salons. Color range: transparent
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