a few words about us


Polix Group CORPORATION is a leading manufacturer and importer of disposable products, and consumable materials for specialists in the beauty, medicine, and service industries. We are open for all industries that need to use convenient and modern ways to protect customers, personnel, products and equipment.

Our goals: gaining leadership in the Ukrainian market of disposable products and consumable materials in the creation of integrated solutions for professionals in medicine, beauty industry, catering, hotel services and manufacturing enterprises.

We firmly adhere to the chosen vector of development, focus on innovation, annually improve the enterprise, increase the level of competence of employees, control the quality of products, and increase the trust of our customers and partners.

Our history

2007 -

commencement of business of the company - the import of polyolefins. Polix Company is an official distributor of world-recognized manufacturers of polystyrene, polyethylene and polypropylene

2011 -

beginning of activities in the nonwoven market: import and supply of spunbond, spunbond meltblown spunbond (SMS), spunbond meltblown meltblown spunbond (SMMS), laminated spunbond, spunlace

2012 -

launch of our own production of nonwoven materials

2013 -

organization and development of production, opening of new production units:

  • site for transpooling, cutting and packaging of products
  • site for cutting large-dimensioned raw material
  • warehouse for finished goods

2014 -

creation of TM DOILY, release of the first beauty products

2015 -

creation of ТМ PANNI MLADA, release of the first products. Regional expansion of the Company - opening of Kiev and Ternopol regional representative offices

2016 -

the TM Polix PRO & MED's entry into a market, release of the first medical products.

2017 -

receiving a national award: “Vybir of Ukraine” mark of achievement

2018 -

development of specialized business lines.

2019 -

restructuring of the Company, creation of POLIX GROUP CORPORATION


The assortment portfolio was developed while factoring in the special industry requirements for disposable products and consumable materials.


Our products provide professionals with convenience, economy and comfort, and guarantee safety and hygiene.

    - as for the BEAUTY area: it’s ease and convenience in organizing the provision of services, increasing the speed of customer service, compliance with hygiene and sanitary standards

    - as for the PROMED line: it’s safety and a high degree of protection for the patients, specialists, and equipment during medical procedures of various difficulty levels

    - as for the PROFI area: it’s comprehensive individual protection of employees and products, compliance with international quality standards for production processes

    - as for HoReCa: it’s optimization of service processes, increasing speed and service standards


Meet our team

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Corporate business structure, ensured by a high degree of integration of all basic business functions into a single systematic approach to managing three business areas focused on conceptually different markets.


Marketing orientation - comprehensive programs to promote the Corporation's brands, active integration into the business processes of customers and consumers.


Following market trends - constant updating and optimization of the assortment.


Our own production complex provides the option of quick response to market changes and demands, quick readjustment of new products, including private label ones.


Customer service - the option of customer service, providing comprehensive and professional support for customers at various levels: from a single buyer to a distributor.


Efficiency of deliveries of finished products - geographically optimally located regional representative offices and distributors of the Corporation in Ukraine.


Flexibility of raw material flows - direct deliveries from Asian and European countries, availability of a base of alternative suppliers.


Complex solutions - assortment, optimal logistics, service, programs for promoting our own brands, loyalty programs and bonuses for all business areas, attractive terms and conditions, and offers for any client, and even for client's clients!