PROMED area embraces disposable supplies needed to maintain protocols of sanitary hygiene and medical care for patients in all institutions of the medical field of activity.

Disposable products made under the TM Polix PRO & MED brand are used in the following areas of the medical field of activity:

  • clinical medicine and medical cosmetology - all types of products
  • dentistry - gloves, masks, caps, gowns, aprons, napkins for dentistry
  • diagnostic centers and laboratories - masks, gloves, caps
  • treatment rooms - drapes, gloves, underwear for procedures, towels and napkins
  • massage rooms - drapes, disposable underwear, underwear for SPA procedures, napkins and towels
  • to protect and extend the life of medical equipment - oil-resistant drapes, covers for couches and napkins for massage tables, covers for head restraints of dental chairs, wipes for wiping

Thanks to meeting the requests of medical professionals and compliance with technical regulations, the products of the PROMED area have already received recognition from the Ukrainian medical community.

Product advantages:

  • meet high industry requirements
  • meet the requirements of the legislation of Ukraine for medical goods:
    • Technical regulations regarding medical devices, approved by resolution of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine under No. 753 dated October 2, 2013
    • The following Quality Standards
      DSTU EN-455-1:2014
      DSTU EN ISO-374-1:2017
      DSTU EN ISO 13688:2016
      DSTU EN 13795:2018
      DSTU CEN/TS 14237:2018
      DSTU 2948-94
      DSTU 3119-95
  • assortment portfolio of products covers both common and specialized areas of activity to the highest degree