TM Polix PRO&MED was established in 2016 as a specialized brand of disposable products for use in medical cosmetology, clinical medicine, and dentistry. The process of creation of products factors in the increased requirements of medical industry professionals to ensure patient hygiene and equipment protection.

ТМ Polix PRO&MED: "Safety. Protection. Comfort"

The TM Polix PRO&MED's products are successfully used in 3 business areas: PROMEDPROFIHORECA

Passing the strict selection barrier has proven that products meet the high requirements of professional medicine: the experts confirm that TM Polix PRO & MED's products have established themselves as a valuable assistant to every medical field worker. And today they are widely used in medical institutions. A specializedproduct line has been developed for dentists.  Read more about PROMED products

The next stage of business development: the development of a line of disposable personal protective equipment for workers of manufacturing enterprises. These products shall help to take care of the health of people engaged in industrial and food enterprises, in laboratories - wherever they need to be protected from the effects of an aggressive environment, or wherever the increased sanitary requirements for clean production are needed. The TM Polix PRO & MED's products carefully protect both employees and products. Read more about PROFI products

A new direction of the TM Polix PRO & MED brand development is disposable products for use in the hospitality business: hotels, hostels, cafes and restaurants. Read more about HoReCa products