Rolled drapes

Disposable rolled drapes ensure the hygiene and comfort of clients and specialists during the procedures, as well as minimize the cost of washing, drying and disinfection.

Fields of application: cosmetology, SPA procedures, massage rooms, medical facilities.

Material: spunbond, laminated spunbond, spunlace, SMMS, SMS

Density: 20 g/m², 25 g/m², 30 g/m²

Size: 0.6 x 100 m, 0.6 x 200 m, 0.8 x 100 m, 0.8 x 200 m, 0.6 x 500 m, 0.8 x 500 m

Color range: white, blue, mint, jade, yellow, pink, raspberry, red, lilac, purple, cornflower blue, black.

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