"Staleks Shop & Service, a Staleks * own corporate chain, strives to work only with market leaders so that our customers can only choose high-quality products. We are glad to deal with the Ukrainian company Polix Group, which manufactures products under TM Panni Mlada brand. A wide range and excellent product quality completely suits our customers, as evidenced by growing demand. Also, the attitude of the Polix Group team towards its partners and customers highly impresses us. Thanks for the reliability, organization and commitment to continuous development, which is very important in our field.

We wish Polix Group further development and growth"

* Staleks is a leading Ukrainian manufacturer of tools for manicure, pedicure, cosmetology, lash- and brow- services. Staleks sets development as its main goal. Striving to become better for their consumers sets the line of action for the entire company and determines its core values and priorities.

  Staleks company, https://staleks.com/

Staleks, http://staleks.com